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Waist Disposal Challenge Website Access

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We can now all view on the internet the data and other useful information about the Waist Disposal Challenge. To gain access you just need the following:-

The website is:
The username is: Fremantle
The password is: RCFRwdc13

Any feedback from members regarding the site will be appreciated and will be passed on to Linda at Curtin Uni. You will note when viewing the current leaderboard for the BMI Competition that as at April our Club is placed 12th out of 36 clubs. We are heading the right way with an overall change in our collective BMI of -1.73%; our members with decreasing weight is at 69.57%; our total weight change is -35.00kg; and our Star Loser (you have to guess who this is) has lost 10.3kg. So, stick with it and keep up the Challenge!