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Meeting Notes – 11 November 2009 – Waist Disposal Challenge Part 1

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The first of three educational sessions on the Waist Disposal Challenge was presented at this weeks Club Meeting.
The session was an “overview” of the whole programme and it covered topics on the following –

  • Risks associated with chronic diseases and the concept of chronic disease self-management;
  • Overall health in relation to overweight and obesity;
  • Making an informed choice for incorporating a more healthy lifestyle;
  • Statistics on obesity in the Western World;
  • Impact of being overweight or obese on major chronic diseases;
  • The measuring of our BMI (Body Mass Index) as a means of determining whether we sit in the healthy weight range;
  • Dietary intake and the impact on health;
  • Physical activity and the impact on health;
  • How Rotarians rate from a pilot study – 88% are overweight or obese!
  • The benefits gained by Rotarians involved in the pilot study;
  • How we at Fremantle RC can benefit by being involved;
  • The other two educational sessions – “Nutrition to Assist Your Waist Disposal” and “ Exercise – Move it, OR Lose it!” will be presented on 25 November and 2 December respectively. On these two dates, those participating in the Challenge will have their height and weight measured upon arrival at the Golf Club prior to the commencement of the meeting.

    The Challenge will run for 12 months with a monthly “weigh-in” by Ralph and Michael to record individual progress. So lets get behind the Challenge and aim to achieve our personal goals in the areas of Nutrition and Exercise and watch our BMI improve where necessary.