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The Fremantle Rotary Club is involved in a number of international initiatives both as part of its commitment to the Rotary Foundation and as a club initiative.

• With the Rotary Foundation the club supports both incoming and outgoing Group Study Exchange teams and has a Club member of the District GSE Committee.

• The Club recently enjoyed hosting a team from Brazil and assisted with welcoming an incoming French team as well as having a member lead a team to France.

• We also support the Foundation initiatives with regard to eradicating Polio and other World Wide Health initiatives.

• Club initiatives have seen the establishment of a relationship with the Bali Ubud Rotary Club with members visiting Bali and attending Rotary Meetings. We are currently supporting a project jointly with the Ubud Club.

• Consignments of pre-used spectacles have been sent off to Christian Blind Mission in Melbourne for people with impaired vision in developing countries.

• We have supported the ShelterBox programme providing essential assistance to countries world wide in disaster situations.

• Donations have been made to assist programmes in India, Nepal, Africa and Papua