Give A Damn, Give a Can

A Rotary Club of Fremantle project

This project involves the collection of cans of food suitable for use by organisations distributing food to people in need.

Bio degradable plastic bags will be inserted into the Fremantle Herald newspaper which delivers to households and businesses in Fremantle, East Fremantle, South Fremantle and North Fremantle. People will be asked to leave bags of cans on their front verge between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday 15th May 2011.

The cans will be collected and taken to a central collection point at a public park. Beneficiary organisations will collect their share of the cans from that venue.

The project will be advertised to the public prior to the event and people will also have the opportunity to leave cans at various points before 15th May. Rotary hopes to involve other groups in the collection process, in particular schools, churches, businesses, sporting groups etc.

The wider public will be approached to act as street captains to assist with the collections in their street. Sponsorships will be sought to cover costs of bags, promotional material and a sausage sizzle for all volunteers on collection day.

The proposed beneficiary organisations will be welfare organisations distributing to the needy in the Fremantle precincts. It is hoped to make this an annual project and extend to wider areas.

We would welcome any member of the public who wishes to take part in this event. Simply contact us through our email or phone contact and we will be in touch