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National Shoe Box Christmas collection for Samaritans Purse

Only 5 months to go to collect our donation of shoe boxes to the National Shoe Box Christmas collection for Samaritans Purse. We had an interested group of ladies at our meeting when Julie came to speak to us about children who would otherwise not receive a gift . So keep your eye out for specials at the supermarket, The Reject Shop etc . This cause reaches the children in third world countries direct & every box is guaranteed delivery. We have 2 sources to forward our collection locally.
I received an email from Graham Hickmott about a teacher at Hamilton Hill High School who has her year 11 students involved in the Shoe Box Collection as part of their community effort. I have spoken to Jeanette (the teacher) and she is going to liaise with Julie from Samaritans Purse to have her come to the school to speak to the students. They also raise funds to pay for the transport of the boxes. They are working on 100 boxes.
We will be in contact with the school and perhaps have the teacher & some pupils come to one of our meetings before October to talk about their activities. I will mention this to Martin, who is organizing speakers for next term