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Meeting 25 Notes November 2009 – Waist Disposal Challenge part 2

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The second information session was presented on 25 November to an enthusiastic audience. Titled “Nutrition to Assist Your ‘Waist’ Disposal”, the session covered:-

  • How to read nutrition labels on food packaging.
  • Good and Bad fats contained in various foods.
  • The health risks caused by eating the wrong fats.
  • The benefits of eating food containing fibre.
  • The effects of consuming various drinks.
  • The benefits of drinking water.
  • Setting our goals for weight or fat loss.
  • The proportions of food we should intake.

As well, the height and weight measurements were taken for those who have agreed to be involved so that they can plan and set their own goals for the next year and keep track on their own Individual Progress Chart.

For those who have missed having their measurements taken but are keen to be part of the Challenge, Ralph and Michael will have the scales and tape measure available on Wednesday 2 December so its not too late to join the Challenge!  The presentation is available for download at Nutrition Presentation.ppt

The final information session titled “Move it, OR Lose it” will be presented on Wednesday 2 December and will cover issues on Exercise.