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Meeting 19 Jan 2011 Notes

A most interesting talk given by Jema Richie. Jema is a 33 year old mother of two children who has successfully undergone treatment for Thyroid Cancer at the Fremantle Hospital during the past 12 months. She has started a support group for Thyroid Cancer suffers called “Dare To Be Aware” Its purpose is to provide information and support to Thyroid Cancer suffers. Major points she made were:
• There has been an 80% increase in the number of females diagnosed with thyroid cancer in the past 10 years. Males have only experienced a 40% increase over the same period.
• Many more people suffer from thyroid problems now. One reason for this is the lack of iodine in modern day diets.
• Although hospitals and specialist do a great job in treating thyroid cancer patients, she believes more can be done to make their experience less traumatic.
• She has arranged for a music night to raise funds to support the cause to be held on 12 Feb 11 at the Fly By Night Musician Club in Fremantle. Refer the attached flyer.
The president thanked Jema for her talk and advised that the Club would support her function by arranging a charity license for it. He also encourages members to attend the function