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Meeting – 18 August 2010

Visit from Clontarf academy instructor and two students. Karl Pirrottina brought two students Josh Prior (From Perth) and Tyson Bailey (From the Kimberley) from the academy to explain their experiences at the academy and in addition for Josh his experience on the Leeuwin Leadership program. Both indicated that the academy experience was good and was giving them the opportunity to develop and build life skills as well as further hone their football abilities. Ross found the Leeuwin experience rewarding and perhaps a little scary at times (Climbing the mast in rough weather was a challenge). Carl gave a good overview of the academy program and the plans for the future.

Significant points were:
· Students from the metropolitan area now make up about 50% of enrolments (Previously 30%)
· The academy plans to open up about 20 more compasses this year.
· The 2 students that we sent on the Leeuwin last year are doing well ( One is school captain this year)
· School 1st 18 will visit both Melbourne & Sydney this year

Carl thanked the Club for the continued support of their programs by funding the Leeuwin experience each year