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District Governor Erwin Biemal visits Fremantle Rotary

Distric Governor Erwins visit to Fremantle Rotary with President Bob Coventry and Kym Passmore
Distric Governor Erwins visit to Fremantle Rotary with President Bob Coventry and Kym Passmore

DG Erwin spoke to us about current Rotary events and news.

We watched a short video about Ron Burton, current president of Rotary International.

– Rotary set target of 1.3 million members by mid 2014. Membership action forums funded by RI.

– Club visioning emphasised to plan for future & encourage membership.

-Distribution of Rotary funds outlined.

-PR funds pooled Australia wide following successful funding application from RI – showed some ads.

– Space available on RI website for promotion of club projects.

– Information on rebranding of Rotary image worldwide.

-Sydney Convention June 2014.

– Mandurah Conference – March 21-23, 2014. An interesting range of keynote speakers will be attending.

– Information on ‘satellite clubs’ for Rotary Clubs.

– Polio eradication programme supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation -projected to be completed in 5 years.

Get connected with Freo Rotary at their Information night

Get Connected  With Rotary


Networking opportunities

  • Like minded friends
  • Involvement in your community
  • Support for humanitarian causes

Find out more at Rotary Club of Fremantle’s Connections and information night

At the Royal Fremantle Golf Club
359 High St,
Wednesday 8 May, 6-8pm

Rsvp  4 May
Contact details
Michael Grabau
ph 9434 1808  Mob 0438 611760

Give a Damn Give a Can Fremantle 2013



Show you care by joining with the Rotary Clubs from the greater Fremantle area, in their annual Give a Damn Give a Can food collection.

 Donate a few full cans or packets of non-perishable food to assist those in need in our community and the Centres that help them by providing meals and food parcels.

 Please leave this recyclable plastic bag filled with some items of non-perishable food at or near your letter box (clearly visible from the street) and volunteers from Rotary will collect in on:


If you are unable to leave items out for us or we somehow miss your contribution, you can drop the bag into any of the following Pharmacies:

East Fremantle: Pharmacist Advice in Silas Street

Attadale: Gerald Burns Pharmacy, Melville Plaze on Canning Highway

South Fremantle: Banovich Pharmacy on Hampton Road

Hilton: 777 Pharmacy on South Street

 Or call 0467609993 to arrange an alternative collection

Fremantle Rotary Gum Tree


How to be a part of Freo Rotary’s Gum Tree.

It’s really easy……


Go to the Gum Tree site

  • Follow the very easy prompts starting with “I have something to sell.”
  • Choose a category, have a look at what is there and decide on your price
  • Write some text and at the bottom include that you will donate the proceeds to the Fremantle Rotary Club for a local fund raising project. Don’t forget to include dimensions, colour, age or whatever is most relevant to the particular article.
  • Complete the on line information form. Remember, your email address will not be seen by buyers, it’s simply so that Gum Tree can send you enquiries.


  • It’s best to include your mobile number for enquiries by SMS but it’s not essential.
  • You will be able to respond quicker than having to regularly check your emails
  • It’s best to include at least your Suburb, even the Street Name is safe, just don’t give your street number until you have a buyer who wants to come to you.  Buyers will choose your product over someone else’s if you live closer
  • Before uploading photos make sure they aren’t large files. If you need to resize try right click and open with Microsoft Picture Manager if you have it.  Resize to large web.
  • Email Michael Grabau and tell him that you have listed an item for sale on Gum Tree with the details to


If you aren’t confident about using the internet

Send an email to Michael Grabau  with the subject line

“Gum Tree”

  • Write a description of what you are selling; be sure to include dimensions, colour etc., plus the price and whether the article is new or used. 
  • Attach a photo –

Michael will do the upload to Gum Tree on your behalf and you will receive the replies to your email.

If you need any help call Michael Grabau on 0438 611 760.

It can be quite fun so give it a go, your support and contribution will be greatly appreciated and will benefit someone else in need.

Give A Damn, Give a Can on May 27th – Only one week to go!!

Show you care by joining with the Rotary Clubs of Attadale and Fremantle, in their annual Give a Damn Give a Can food drive. This project involves the collection of cans of food suitable for use by organisations distributing food to people in need. Donate a few full cans or packets of non perishable food to assist those in need in our community and the Centres that help them by providing meals and food parcels.

Rotary will be dropping recyclable plastic bags into letterbox’s in the Fremantle and Attadal areas very soon, please fill with items of non-perishable food next to your letter box and volunteers from Rotary will collect it on Sunday morning 27th May. If you are unable to leave items out for us or we somehow miss your contribution, please call 046 7609 993 to alert us to collect your donation.


Social Media and Fremantle Rotary

Facebook has over 850 million users,  31% of these “check in” more than once a day.  Twitter has over 500 million registered users, 36% of Twitter users tweet at least once per day.2/3 of those online use social media.  With these sort of numbers Social Media is something that cannot be ignored.

Social Media / Facebook are places where  people can go to leave you a message, browse through your photo collections, or even chat with you while you are online. It can be a great way to keep in contact with friends and family, and even find long lost friends that you haven’t spoken to in years.  It’s also a great place to meet new friends and to interact and communicate with the community and others.

Fremantle Rotary has taken it’s first steps in becoming part of this.  We have established a Facebook and twitter presence and  are finalising strategies and guidlines for using these.

You can help us get established.  Please like us on facebook by going to our facebook page and liking us (click the like button in the top right hand corner of the page).  If your a twitter user then please follow us  These social media links are of course all available on our website which is always a great source of fremantle rotary news.

Rotary Trot Night 2012

The Rotary Club of Fremantle Trot Night is to be held on Friday 1st June at Gloucester Park. We are seeking race sponsors for 10 races.

The major sponsorship ($1,000) has naming rights for the major race and is entitled to a full page race book advertisement. In addition they present the main trophy and are entitled to 4 guests in the committee room. Other race sponsors ($500) have naming race rights and a third of a page race book advertisement. There are also 2 half page race book advertisements available for $250 each.

We are also seeking horse sponsors at $50 each. If a sponsored horse wins, the sponsor receives $100. As in previous years, our members are asked to go out and find as many sponsors as they can. It is an important fundraising event for our club raising about $10,000 for our community charities.

We encourage members and others to be there on the night for a meal and a lot of fun. Please bring as many friends as possible, we will have entry passes for them. More details on that side of things to come.We are indebted to Gloucester Park Harness racing for allowing us this fundraising opportunity. Our thanks to them will be to encourage as many people through the gate as possible.

Information Night on April18

As you are all aware the Information night is coming up on the 18th April. (details to be advised)This is a most important event for our club as we endeavour to keep the club invigorated and thriving with new members. Of course on the night most of you will be aware of the need to showcase the club to its best and we will be asking all our Rotarians to make the visitors really welcome.

The committee has been working hard to get some invitees with some success. This week the ads will start going in the paper and the banner will reappear (no it wasn’t stolen just strategically withdrawn for a couple of weeks) and I hope to get an article in the press.

All of this needs you (our members) to make an extra effort to tell people about our club and its wonderful work, point out our web site,
share the Facebook Page and wear your badge with pride. Let Max know if you have anyone you want to invite to the night.

Our theme for the night will be:
‘Get Connected
And find like-minded friends’

• networking opportunities
• involvement in your community
• share your experiences
• support global causes
• use your skills to help others