Meeting 25 May 2011 Report

A most interesting presentation given by Ms Judy Saunders on the eye disease Glaucoma. This disease slowly destroys the optic nerve at the back of the eye causing blindness if left untreated. Unfortunately there are no symptoms until it is almost too late to treat the condition. It can be detected by eye specialists and optometrists; and it is recommended that all people over 40 have regular eye checks. Other important points she made:
• 300,000 people in Australia suffer from Glaucoma. Unfortunately about 150,000 are unaware that they have the disease.
• There are many different forms of the disease. All can be treated but some forms of the disease are more difficult to treat.
• Disease is caused by increased pressure on the optic nerve at the back of the eye
• Treated with eye drops or in some cases drops and laser surgery
• Risk factors in Australia are everyone 40+ plus specifically:
• 60 years + 1 in 20
• 80 years + 1 in 8
Glaucoma Australia is a national organisation that has been formed to increase community awareness of Glaucoma and support sufferers and their families.